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Real Time Financial Insights and Analytics

Real Time Financial
Insights and Analytics

Incued is the trusted source for real-time financial insights and analytics concerning private market assets. Our platform provides the most accurate and up-to-date intelligence in the industry, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly.

Automated Portfolio Monitoring

Downloadable P&L Statements & Balance Sheets

Drill down into the details to understand performance metrics. Access raw .csv data or GAAP formatted .xls files.

Real Time Financial Insights and Analytics

On-demand & Automated Reporting

A typical report includes 2 graphs: Cash vs. Runway, and Revenue vs. Burn with a trailing 12 month readout. Your report also includes the following with percent change MoM: Working Capital, Absolute Liquidity, Runway, EBITDA, Net Revenue and Net Profit Margin.


Never request financials again.

Invite your entire portfolio with one email. Each company signs up in less than 5 minutes and reports get sent automatically from then on.

Real Time Financial Insights and Analytics

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Aggregate & Standardize

Incued aggregates and normalizes financial data from every portfolio company in real-time. We connect directly with the portfolio company's accounting software via API.

Collecting and organizing data is one of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks for investors. Whether its an Associate or a Manager, dozens of hours are saved every month.

Save Hundreds of Hours A Year

Instant Reporting

Instant Reporting

Unlock your productivity today by using our revolutionary tool and create LP reports instantly. Investors can now quickly and securely access important financial information from portfolio companies with the simple click of a button!

This tool standardizes and streamlines report building and formatting, making it much easier aggregate, build, and share - conveniently all in one place.

Data-driven decisions that increase shareholder value

The power of Incued lies in its ability to easily access key data. Our private market automation (PMA) software allows investors to make data-driven decisions that increase shareholder value. With everything in one place, there's no room for guesswork.

Download P&L Statements

Drill down to the profit and loss line-items in each individual month if you care to understand the reason behind peaks and valleys.

Normalized Data

Confidently compare statistics and data between companies so you are reporting and benchmarking accurately.

Real Time Dashboards

Login to Incued at any time and see the latest numbers from your company’s accounting statements.

40+ Performance Metrics

Understand performance from every angle. You get the most common measurements as well as the niche ones meant for data scientists.

Automated Monthly Reporting

Every month you save time creating financial updates for your investors

Download Balance Sheet

Login to Incued at any time and see the latest numbers from your company’s accounting statements.

Frequently asked questions

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How much does Incued cost?

The portfolio company plan is $6/per month, unless a stakeholder pays for their license. A stakeholder license is $399/month per portfolio company.

How often is the data refreshed?

Portfolio company data flows directly from their account software. Reports are pulled on a monthly basis with the previous month's numbers.

How do I get financial data from my portfolio companies?

Invite your portfolio companies directly through Incued. Each portfolio company invited immediately receives an invitation email with clear next steps to connect their accounting software.

Are you SOC-II compliant?

Data security is very important to us. All data is encrypted and we actively monitor for threats and access in our cloud and data environments. We have a Letter of Attestation from our SOC-II auditor available upon request.

Who sees this data?

Investors can stakeholders get read-only access to portfolio company data. A portfolio company will see only their own financial data and can control who they choose to grant access to their financial data. Incued does not have access to this data.