We're bringing transparency to private markets.

Strong compliance practices builds trust with LPs. Strong reporting practices builds trust between investors and portfolio companies.

Real Time Financial Insights and Analytics
Accounting data is the source of truth for any company.

Establishing strong communication channels between founders and investors allows them to keep each other informed as well as to collaborate quickly and efficiently.

Incued enables such communication and allows for productive dialogues, queries, and responses, which in turn helps to deepen the investor/founder relationship.

What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Our approach to investment & workflow management makes us unique among our competitors.

Incued offers real-time analytics, data, insights, and documents and thus saves users considerable time by avoiding manual processes. Thanks to the capabilities and reliability of our system, all the necessary data is available in real-time, in an easy and secure format. The design of Incued software draws inspiration from intelligence mapping technology, providing an avenue through which businesses can more easily access capital.


Empower data-driven investors to speak intelligently and engage meaningfully with their portfolio companies and stakeholders.

Create the norm of transparency and meritocracy in the private markets.


Meet The Team
Josh Furstoss
Josh Furstoss
Chief Executive Officer
Christina Wu
Christina Wu
Chief Operations Officer
Ameer Akashe
Ameer Akashe
Chief Technology Officer

Get historical data as soon as your company connects.

Frequently asked questions

Will my companies connect their accounting software after I invite them?

It is a very simple process to connect accounting software data to Incued, it takes less than 5 minutes. Our CX team is seasoned in helping you tailor the onboarding strategy and messaging so that founders are comfortable in the process.

How much does Incued cost?

Incued is priced per portfolio company. Discounts are offered as portfolio size increases. To get a quote, please contact sales@incued.com.

How many portfolio companies can I add?

Incued can support dozens or thousands of companies in and across  multiple portfolios. This amount is customized with your Incued Account Manager.

You can also invite multiple portfolio companies at once, using our bulk invite.

How do I know the data is accurate?

The data is pulled in directly from the accounting software used by portfolio company via an API.

Incued currently supports Quickbooks Online, Sage, Freshbooks, Xero, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Double check that the data is pulling in for the portfolio company successfully if there are no yellow or red bars flags on the portfolio company record in the Portfolio Overview dashboard. Contact support@incued.com

How do I get live financial data from my portfolio companies?

Step 1: Invite portfolio company to Incued using “Add New Company” button in top right corner of your Portfolio Overview dashboard.

Step 2: Enter the email for the company or invite multiple at once.

The email you use doesn’t need to be the email associated with the accounting software, but those credentials will be needed.

Step 3: Your portfolio company immediately receives an invitation email and their administrator enters in accounting software login credentials.

With the emails gathered ahead of time, this can take less than 5 minutes and you never have to contact a company again about their financials.