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Connect your accounting software to Incued.

Invite your investors, lenders, and C-suite

Review & send beautiful, customized reports.

Automated Portfolio Monitoring

Tell investors the story behind your numbers.

Update your investors with minimal effort using our templated investor updates. Let Incued fetch the data while you own the narrative of your company’s progress.

Make future funding rounds easier.

Investors and lenders who have verified, easy access to financials during due diligence invest more and sooner.

Automated Portfolio Monitoring
Measure & improve

Company-wide metrics

Keep track of your most important accounting stats like cash on hand, burn rate, revenue, runway and 40+ other metrics.

Automated Portfolio Monitoring

Connect in a few minutes and never send financials again.

Choose from a list of the most popular accounting platforms to generate your monthly reports.


We get it, we have investors too.

We keep them happy and off our backs with Incued dashboards and monthly reports.

Real Time Financial Insights and Analytics
Free for companies.

Every portfolio company gets full use of the platform for free.

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Internal Management Dashboard

Don't get lost in your accounting notifications or unreconciled books. Use Incued to see your KPIs and historical numbers without the noise.

Protect Your Time

Spend less time compiling numbers and designing a report. Let your stakeholders get what they need when they want.

Simple Monthly Updates

Control your narrative. You’ll have plenty of time to get your books in order before we remind you to share your update.

40+ Performance Metrics

Never calculate performance metrics again! Incued automatically calculates and tracks the growth of your company over time.

Easily Share Financial Statements

Easily share your P&L Statements Balance Sheets and customer reports via Incued to facilitate due diligence and reporting with existing investors.

External Source of Truth

Report confidently based on accurate, verified, and reliable data. Share data without sharing Quickbooks accounts.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Incued free?

Standard plans are free because that allows us to share our tool with the most people and create a new standard in the industry. (See what we did there?) Our Pro plan allows founders to make critical decisions and reduce total time spent on investor relations, and we think thats worth something.

Is my data secure?

Incued has SOC 2 certification. SOC 2 compliance is a third-party certification which confirms that Incued has controls in place that meet industry standards for security, privacy, availability, confidentiality and processing integrity on how customer data is managed.

How often is the data refreshed?

Reports or investor updates are pulled on a monthly basis with the preceding years' numbers.

Who sees this data?

Startup founders or operators may give stakeholders read-only access to their company data. A portfolio company will see only their own financial data and can control access to their financial data. Incued does not have access to this data.